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The 5 Stages of Sleep

While asleep, the body moves through a cycle of five different stages: 1, 2, 3, 4 and REM (rapid eye movement) sleep. The sleep cycle lasts an average of 90 minutes and throughout the night, the body goes through this cycle four-six times. Each stage of sleep performs a different restorative function, which is why […]

Quality Summertime Shut Eye Tips

Summer has begun! As temperatures rise, you may find yourself struggling to fall asleep because it’s too hot. The temperature of your sleep environment is crucial to a good night’s sleep. The suggested bedroom temperature for quality sleep is 60-67 degrees (Sleep.org) – due to the fact your body decreases temperature to initiate sleep. So […]

AmeriSleep Diagnostics Achieves Accreditation with ACHC

SAN DIEGO – May 10, 2018 – AmeriSleep Diagnostics, which serves the San Diego region, announced today it has achieved accreditation through the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC) for the services of diagnostic sleep disorder testing. Accreditation is a process through which healthcare organizations demonstrate compliance with national standards. Accreditation by ACHC reflects an […]

How Light Affects Your Sleep

Have you ever gone on vacation and slept like a baby in your hotel room? Your good night’s sleep may be a result of more than a comfortable mattress and a well-deserved mental break from the stress of everyday life. It could be related to the absence of light. To help guests have a positive […]

The Best Earplugs for Your Partner

Is your snoring keeping your partner awake at night and causing them to be sleep deprived? Sleep deprivation can contribute to lack of focus and make them feel irritable and cranky. Even when your partner eventually falls asleep, it’s likely that your snoring wakes them up a few hours later and that same snoring prevents […]

Your Sleep Study Solution

Locally owned and operated with locations in Oceanside and Mission Valley, we are here to provide your patients the best sleep diagnostic studies available. AmeriSleep Diagnostics offers Medicare-certified sleep testing facilities and provides portable in-home testing options. Click to view full newsletter

Tips for a Good Night’s Sleep

Sleeping well has a direct impact on your quality of life. Still many of us consistently toss and turn at night, struggling to get a sufficient amount of sleep. Your daily routines can have a major impact on your sleep. We’ve compiled the following list of several healthy sleep practices that can improve your ability […]

Is Noise the Secret to Better Sleep?

White noise is described as a combination of all of the different frequencies of sound. While sleeping, our hearing is still alert and our brains still continue to process sounds. White noise is used to create a masking effect for those sounds, blocking out unexpected changes or inconsistencies in noise that disturbs light sleepers and […]

5 Tips To Help Fall Asleep Faster

Getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your daily function in several aspects. Having trouble falling asleep can be extremely frustrating and certainly hinders your ability to get the adequate amount of rest. Following are a few ideas to help you fall asleep faster: Hide Your Clock If you toss and turn while watching […]